Fotografie fotoshoot in de natuur 33
Tosca Tosca

Arshia is a warm and loving person with a passion and a vision. Together we went into the forest, where we consciously took in our surroundings. I am very happy with the pictures he took of me, breathing in the fresh forest air and exhaling what I no longer needed. The photos are pure, because he puts you at ease and because of the guided meditation. In the process, he helped me a lot in establishing an online identity as a freelancer.

Intothewoods Nicole Photoshoot 3 scaled
Nicole Nicole

In a word: special. It is special how Arshia has devised and developed this concept, how it makes you feel and how it takes the time for you. He creates an open, accessible atmosphere, so that you quickly feel at ease. Very nice when you are in front of his lens (especially if you are not so photogenic 🙂

Fotografie fotoshoot in de natuur 30 scaled
Shahriyar Shahriyar

Had a amazing day sharing some good vibes , good conversations and made some beautiful pictures that day 🙌🏼

Fotografie fotoshoot in de natuur 19
Firiël Firiël

It was really a great experience! Not only are beautiful pictures taken, but you can also enjoy the beautiful nature and completely relax during the meditation. Before the day of the shoot, we will discuss in detail what you want and what suits your character. This way you are well prepared and you know what to expect and everything actually goes very smoothly on the shoot.

Fotografie fotoshoot in de natuur 46

Had a very nice day. Arshia is a very pleasant and warm person to work with.