My name is Arshia Foroughi, 24 years old. Born in the Netherlands but pure Persian blood flows through my veins. So writing and eating well also makes my heart beat faster.

The closer I came to the realization that I could create my own experience, the more important the question became for me: "Who exactly is creating?"

If you have not done enough in life to create yourself, you will never be able to find yourself.

Spirituality and creativity are therefore intertwined in my daily life.

My dream is to help you, to be yourself in front of the camera and to convey your message with conviction. Everyone is an artist in this life.

Want to know more about me? Watch the video below.

Meer over mij

My favorite activities


My day always starts with a yoga session in my own yoga room. A place where I can relax, get my inspiration and take the time to start my day strong.


In addition to my yoga room, I can often be found in nature. When I go out into nature early in the morning I feel blessed to be able to immerse myself in the peaceful and meditative sounds of nature. As I walk into the early morning sun, I am engulfed in silence and serenity.


As an Iranian, art and poetry play a major role in my life. I can often be found behind my desk with my notebook and pen. My hands help me write what my heart wants to say.


After a busy day at work, cooking is the thing that really calms me down. Because cooking is also a way of art and expression of creativity. The fact that you can enjoy the delicious flavors afterwards and make other people happy is a greater blessing.

why partner with me?


My goal is to always go for the best result. With several years of experience and years of study in videography, I know exactly what appeals to images.


Gear absolutely matters. To create great work in any industry, you need the right tools for the job. And that is also what I have invested in, so that I can deliver quality work.


Speaking of quality, I will do top quality work in 4K and be able to shoot aerial footage with my Drone if needed.


Art forces people to look beyond what is necessary to survive and leads people to create for the sake of expression and meaning. ... Art can convey information, shape our daily lives, make a social statement and are enjoyed for its aesthetic beauty.


Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Without proper focus, all aspects of your mind will suffer. ... Here's a simple reality: If you can't concentrate effectively, you can't think effectively.

Because of me

Everything I have described above is important, but energy is even more important. The click between us ensures that we can make art together. I am always open to meet new people and I also want to invite you to get to know each other. Do we feel the click? Then I firmly believe that we can create something unforgettable together.