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Branding videography

I firmly believe that we all consciously or unconsciously have a story that we want to share with the outside world. A passion no matter how big or small, what we want to go for and take steps to achieve that. Just postponing it for various reasons and not daring to go for it.

The yes but and what if scenarios fly around you. But there is also a voice that says go for it you know you can do it. This is what you want right? What are you waiting for? And the moment that voice takes over and you can't avoid it anymore! Have I come your way then? A videographer who had suppressed his own voice for a long time and did not walk on his own life path. Until his inner voice screamed so loud that he had no choice.

I had to do what I do best and dearest. Making videos and helping other people really put themselves down. And now I hope I can help you further. To convey your message to the outside world through an artistic video. Because believe me: after you have chosen this there is no turning back and you will never regret it. Because today is the day that your inner voice takes over!

See what to expect

The process

Personal branding Video ontmoeten


The meeting

A digital or physical meeting.

Personal branding Video brainstormen



After approval and signing of the quotation, a creative session about content and design.

Personal branding Video macbook



Content brainstorming session digital. Everything comes together by means of a storyboard and I get to work with the preparations.

Personal branding Video Camera



The moment of truth. Time to create art together!

Personal branding Video premier pro


The Edit

The material is mounted and processed.

Personal branding Video FEest



With your feedback I dot the i's and cross the t's.


The good deal

The perfect deal

The real deal